LU Football League All Start game was held on Friday

The second LU Football League All Stars game was held this Friday in Elektrum Olympic Centre, and so our team showing excellent performance this season, only logically, the team of FK Lielupe was widely represented. Our player Mārtiņš Linde was appointed as one of the captains, but totally there were 5 FK Lielupe players participating – Kārlis Villerušs, Kristaps Mackovs, Mārtiņš Linde, Dāvis Braučs and Artūrs Sašņikovs. Four captains: Mārtiņš Linde, Miks Babris, Uldis Līcis and Mārtiņš Tamisārs, in grassroots style called players one by one to their team, and led a single-lap mini tournament and participated in several competitions.

The event started with a relay with ball, this challenge was won by Mārtiņš Tamisārs team, represented by Artūrs Sašņikovs. Lindes team lost them in the semi-finals and withdrew from the fight. This was followed by Futsal tournament between teams, unfortunately our team failed to win any of the games, but it should be noted that Lindes team was the only one without a goalkeeper and the players on the field took the goalkeeper role from time to time. The next challenge was the precision competition, where players had to hit the ball into the small goals from 4 different distances. The team led by Miks Babris won this test, the other teams showing the same result. At the end of the evening, the most challenging of all was the Freestyle challenge, which involved demonstrating ball techniques skills within 20 seconds. Each participant was given two rounds. Latvian National Futsal team player Miks Babris won it, but our player Kristaps Mackovs also showed excellent performance.

Although the event dragged on well after midnight, none of the players or fans showed fatigue as the evening was full of positive emotions and exciting moments. All the teams came up with delicious pretzels and various prizes, but most importantly they enjoyed playing football.

LU Football League All Start game 2020 participants. Photo – Marija Voronova

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