The first meeting in 2020 – FK Lielupe Laureates Eve 2019

During the weekend, we held an extremely heartfelt and unforgettable event at PEPSI Center – FK Lielupe Laureates’ Evening 2019, where the best players of the season were awarded. Unfortunately last year’s winners’ evening was missed, so this time also the winners of 2018 were awarded.

Team President Kārlis Villerušs opened the ceremony with a speech. During his speech, Kārlis mentioned the successes and failures of the previous season, reminding that this will be the 7th season for the FK Lielupe team in LFF competitions, also mentioning that the team will be 8 years old in September this year. The President of the team emphasized the need to believe in their dreams and to make those dreams come true. With these words, another team motto was introduced – #BelieveInTheTeam – #BelieveInTheDream.

Further Kārlis remembered about one of the pleasant moments in 2019 – FK Lielupe victory 2019 Rudens Cup. All players who took part in the Rudens Cup were awarded with gold medals.

Players finally got their gold medals for the Rudens Cup as well. Photo – Marija Voronova

This was followed by the awarding of the best players. The winners of the 2018 season were first announced:

  • Best U-21 Player of 2018 – Agris Glaudāns;
  • 2018 Most Improved Player of the Year – Vadims Rogozinskis;
  • Best Goalscorer of the Year 2018 – Ruslans Aleksejevs;
  • Most Valuable Player of the Year 2018 – Sebastiano Comotto;
  • Club Man of 2018 – Romāns Kaplāns;
  • Best player of the 2nd League of the 2018 season – Agris Glaudāns;
  • Best Goalkeeper of 2018 – Antons Vasiļjevs;
  • Best Defender of 2018 – Artis Kalniņš;
  • Best Midfielder of 2018 – Daņila Savicks;
  • Best Forward of 2018 – Ruslans Aleksejevs;
  • Best Goal save in 2018 – Antons Vasiļjevs (goal save against FK Salacgrīva);
  • Best Goal in 2018 – Sebastiano Comotto (for a goal in the Latvian Cup against FC Nikers).
Best players of 2019: Top scorer – Heorhii Tkachov, Club Man – Mārtiņš Auziņš, and The most improved player of the year – Adrians Kaufmanis. Photo – Maria Voronova

This year, players were awarded in only 4 categories:

  • 2019 U-21 Best Player of the Year – Vladislavs Orehovs, who became the team’s top scorer in the 2019 LFF competitions;
  • Most Valuable Player of the Year 2019 – Daņila Savicks, who was the leading creator of the game in the 2nd League;
  • 2019 Most Improved Player – Adrians Kaufmanis, who impressed many with his game in the Riga Football League;
  • Best Goalscorer in 2019 – Heorhii Tkachov, who scored 10 goals in the Riga Football League, as well as one goal in the Rudens Cup 2019. We can only guess how many goals Heorhii would have scored if he had joined the team early in the season, not just in the fall;
  • 2019 Club Man – Mārtiņš Auziņš, who is not only a long-time team player, but in 2019 became one of the most active team board members.

At the end of the official part the team wished the fastest recovery from injury to Vasilijs Kolibas, and congratulated Heorhii Tkachov on his birthday.

After the award ceremony, the team went to the play bowling and determine which team member is the best bowling player. Here you could see that the players are very passionate, because even bowling can evoke very bright emotions which weren’t hidden.

At the end of the evening, the team watched the Spanish Super Cup final between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

These positive emotions will be a great start for the new season as we start preparations for the new season next week, which will bring changes – due to regular league reforms, we will participate this year in the 3rd League of Latvia.