Riga Football League All Star Game was held on this Sunday

One of this year’s most spectacular indoor football events in Riga – Riga Football League All-Star Game was held on this Sunday. This time the teams Amigos competed against Braļiukas. Nils Veipans represented FK Lielupe in this All Stars Game and played for Braļiukas team. Originally it was supposed that our team will be represented by our top scorer Heorhii Tkachov, but he currently is outside Latvia.

Legendary Latvian sports commentator Anatolijs Kreipāns, who was assisted by football “voice” Emīls Blūms, who has been a informator for the FIFA World Cup, was engaged to comment the game. Also, the event host was a well-known personality – Antons Semeņaks, who is Ghetto Games event manager. The game organizers managed to stir up a lot of excitement about the game, so the 49th school was practically full.

The event started with a Skills challenge – half of the players tested their skills in the Panna 1vs1 tournament, where the main task is to knock the opponent between the legs. Barons team leader Artjoms Kozlovskis won in this challenge. The other part took part in a shootout race – the goal of the players was to score a goal against goalkeeper. Nils Veipāns from our team was the winner in this challenge.

2020 Riga Football League All Stars game participants. Photo – Riga Football League

The game started and in the first minute Artjoms Kozlovskis fooled defenders and the goalkeeper and made it already 1:0 for Amigos. But the rest part of the first half was quite unexpected – Braļiukas scored three goals and the first half ended with a 4:3 advantage for the team represented by Nils.

At halftime, players took part in another contest, the Crossbar challenge. The goal was for players from the center line to hit the crossbar. As none of the players were able to complete the task, it was decided to allow spectators to try their luck. But none of the 7 spectators who participated in it could hit the crossbar.

Amigos quickly regained the lead in the second half and the score was 4:4. And then, in one of the attacks, Amigos forward Mārtiņš Milašēvičs ran on high speed alone against the goalkeeper who jumped towards the ball. Goalkeeper didn’t hit the ball, but hit Mārtiņš. Unfortunately, the consequences were very unpleasant – Mārtiņš broke his leg. The game was interrupted after this. The players, in solidarity with Mārtiņš, decided not to continue the game and to keep the score 4:4.

Nils Veipāns: “When we walked into the dressing room on Sunday evening, the jerseys, places and mood were all set ready. After warm-up, we discussed who will participate in which competition and how to play accordingly. I didn’t know which contest with my foot would be more handy, but probably the shortest 1-on-1 with the goalkeeper turned out to be the right one! Overall, the RFL All Stars Game was a very enjoyable event with a welcoming, family-friendly and nice attitude. We didn’t get a happy end, but it happens in sports. Here I would like to wish Mārtiņš a quick and good recovery! A huge thanks to the organizers, staff, players, nice duo of commentators and of course – the audience! Looking forward to participate again next year!

FK Lielupe wishes Mārtiņš Milašēvičs strength and a speedy recovery so that we can meet on Latvian football fields again.