Heorhii Tkachov brings the first victory in the league

We have played our fifth game in Riga Football League against direct rivals for a place in the play-off – Old School team, which in the end became a real thriller. It should be mentioned that in the middle of the week we played a test game against FK Saurieši team, which may have helped us to show such a good game in the Riga Football League tournament.

In this phase of the tournament, each game becomes increasingly important. It was very necessary to win this game in order to keep hopes of entering the playoffs.

The game itself started very unexpectedly for many spectators – after 10 minutes FK Lielupe was leading 3:0 already, all three goals were scored by our Ukrainian player – Heorhii Tkachov. With a very disciplined defense and a little bit of luck, our young goalkeeper took his first dry half of the tournament. 4:0 after the first half, 4th goal for Lielupe was scored by our team captain Kārlis Villerušs. Old School had only 2 shots on target for whole half.

At the start of the second half, Old School quickly scored one goal and then another after a short time later. Heorhii Tkachov scored another goal and made it 5:2 for FK Lielupe, but at the end of the second half we lost concentration and lost 3 goals in a few minutes and the score was already 5:5. However, Nils Veipāns was awarded a free kick 2 minutes before the end of the game. After an excellent play, Heorhii Tkachov made it 6:5 and FK Lielupe earned first points in the league! In was an extremely exciting game, we won our first game of the tournament and continue the fight for the Play-off.

Our team leader Heorhii Tkachov, with 5 goals scored today, is between the top scorers of the entire tournament, with 8 goals in total!

Kārlis Villerušs (FK Lielupe captain): “This was a very important victory. I have to say thanks not only to Heorhii Tkachov, but to the whole team in general. We continue to fight for the playoffs. Friendly game against FK Saurieši helped us to restore faith in our strength. Now on Monday we are facing a decisive game against the Mangal team. This is going to be a very important game for Mangal team as well. They will be extremely motivated to get their first points in the tournament, and there will be several former and current FK Lielupe players in Mangal. With Artūrs Sašņikovs, Sergejs Beļakovs, Edgars Dancevs and Oļegs Hafizovs we won the Rudens Cup this year, Damirs Urazmetovs and Iļja Obidins were on some trainings during the fall, and Georgijs Daiļidjonoks played for FK Lielupe in our first seasons. They all will have a huge motivation to get points directly against FK Lielupe. In addition, they have three games left, against Riga Evergrande, FK Lielupe and FC Kengarags. If they fail to get points on Sunday against Riga Evergrande, then against us they will have the only real chance to get points this season. We need nothing but a victory to continue the fight for the playoffs, and we need to be prepared for a highly motivated opponents team on Monday.

Old SchoolStatisticsFK Lielupe
29Total Shots23
11Shots on Target10
4Corner kicks4
0Yellow cards0
0Red cards0

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