Collage dedicated to the team’s 5th anniversary.

On September 1st, 2012, the team “FK Lielupe” was formed and announced the first player admission with the aim to participate in Latvian Amateur Football League. This date is the unofficial birthday of “FK Lielupe”. No one could have foreseen that the team would change so much in such a short time. At that moment, we could not even imagine that in a few years “FK Lielupe” would become a full member of the Latvian Football Federation, play in 2nd League, and that we would have our own youth football school.

About our team history:

01.09. – Unofficial “FK Lielupe” birthday.
15.11. – The first game in team history. It was an 8×8 friendly match against the “LU SZF” team. At that time “FK Lielupe” celebrated victory with 9: 4.

27.04. – “FK Lielupe” goes to its first tournament – “Footbaltic 2013”.
13.06. – “FK Lielupe” participates in “Sigulda Cup 2013”.
10.08. – “FK Lielupe” participates in “Mītava Open 2013”.
15.10. – “LU Football League” (“LU Futbola Līga”) student team “Last Hope” (“Pēdējā Cerība”) is renamed to “FK Lielupe” and starts in “LU League” A Series.
22.11. – “FK Lielupe” starts participation in LAFL 2013/14.

05.02. – “FK Lielupe” takes its first game in 11×11 format. It was a friendly game against “FK Carnikava”.
24.02. – Establishment of the Society and official birthday of “FK Lielupe”. Helena Villeruša is the team’s president.
17.04. – “FK Lielupe” becomes a full member of “Latvian Football Federation”.
24.05. – “FK Lielupe” first official game as a member of the LFF. It was Vidzeme Region 3rd League game against “FK Ādaži-2”. “FK Lielupe” played 1: 1, winning its first point in club history. Pāvels Baikovs scored the first goal of the official game of “FK Lielupe”.
05.06. – “FK Lielupe” participates in the Latvian Cup for the first time. The opponent was “Kuldīgas NSS”. The game ended with the score 0: 9.
09.08. – “FK Lielupe” is currently winning its biggest win in official games – 5: 1 against “FK Priekuļi”. Kārlis Villerušs and Pāvels Ponomarjovs scored twice, and Paul Gloria Andrez scored one more goal.
27.09. – “FK Lielupe” participates in the first week of Football Day by organizing an open game for all “FK Lielupe” football players.

07.03. – For the first time “FK Lielupe” New Year’s Eve event is held to reward the best players from last year:
– Artjoms Ohrimenko was named the best U-18 player of 2014;
– Mārtiņš Auziņš was recognized as the most progressive player of 2014;
– Rihards Vilnis recognized as the Most Stable Player of 2014;
– Kicker of 2014 with 11 goals and 9 assists – Kārlis Villerušs;
– Andrejs Ļitvinovs was named the most valuable player of 2014;
– The best “save” of 2014 – Kārlis Villerušs, in the Latvian Cup match against “Kuldīga NSS” team on June 5;
– Top scorer of 2014 – Pāvels Baikovs for goal on May 24 3rd League game against “FK Ādaži-2”.
17.05. – “FK Lielupe” wins first game in Vidzeme region 2nd League. It was a game against “FK Staiceles Bebri-2”. The first goal in the 2nd League for “FK Lielupe” was scored by Iļja Kušņirenko.
23.05. – “FK Lielupe” first victory in 2nd League – 3: 1 against “FK Salacgrīva”.
30.05. – “FK Lielupe-2” starts in the 3rd League of Vidzeme region.
10.06. – “FK Lielupe” first win in Latvian Cup – 2: 1 against “FK Priekuļi”.
14.06. – “FK Lielupe” unbelievably plays from 0: 3 after the first half to 7: 4 in Vidzeme Region 2nd League game against “FK Priekuļi”.
03.08. – 3rd League match between “FK Lielupe-2” and “Riga United FC-2” has been interrupted because a home-made explosive device has been dropped on the field, exploding near “FK Lielupe” goalkeeper Aleksandrs Ivanovs.
08.08. – “FK Lielupe” striker Habibs Tulajevs scores 5 goals against “FHK Skorpions” and helps the team win the 3rd League Championship game with 5: 3.
12.11. – “FK Lielupe” defeats team “JF Pirmais” by 5: 1 in LU League Championship. At that time Rihards Vilnis scored 4 goals and Kārlis Villerušs scored one more. This was the team’s biggest victory in indoor football games until November 20, 2017.

09.01. – “FK Lielupe” New Year’s Eve Event is taking place, where was awarded last year’s best players:
– Aleksandrs Ivanovs was named the best U-21 player of 2015;
– Māris Pedecs was recognized as the most progressive player of 2015;
– Khabibullo Tulaev – top scorer (11×11) football player of 2015;
– Kārlis Villerušs – top scorer in indoor football player of 2015;
– Andrejs Gluhovs was named the most valuable player of 2015;
– The best “save” of 2015 – Antons Vasiļjevs, in the 3rd League match against “Riga United FC-2” team on August 24;
– Best goal of 2015 – Kārlis Villerušs, for a goal on January 27 in the LU Football League game against “Giants”.
10.07. – Thanks to successful lotteries “FK Lielupe” starts participating in the Latvian Cup right from the 1/16 finals. The opponents are “FK Staiceles Bebri”.
30.08. – “FK Lielupe” takes part in Riga Cup for the first time, playing against “AMOKO/02” in ¼ final.
01.09. – “FK Lielupe” youth teams successfully enter the Youth Championship. “FK Lielupe”/”SK Kengaroos” have secured first place in the U-15 B division while “FK Lielupe”/”AFA Olaine” are leaders in the U-14 B division so far.
19.09. – “FK Lielupe” student Rolands Bočs enters LFF Football Academy U-13 national Symbolic Team Tournament.
21.09. – “FK Lielupe” once again participates in the Football Day Festival. A new tradition is introduced: the game between “FK Lielupe” former and existing players. In the first game of this kind with a score of 10: 5 the former players of “FK Lielupe” were superior.
25.09. – “FK Lielupe” is also organizing the second event during the Football Day festival. This time, all those interested were given the opportunity to train under the guidance of PRO-UEFA licensed trainer Tamaz Pertija.
09.10. – “FK Lielupe”/”AFA Olaine” wins the second place in the U-14 final of the Latvian Youth Football Championship. Our student Dāvis Mārcis Valmiers was recognized as the best defender of the tournament.
16.10 – “FK Lielupe” founder and vice-president Kārlis Villerušs visits “Ole” broadcast. There themes are about the project TautasFutbols.LV, 2nd League and its development and about “FK Lielupe”.
03.11. – Two of “FK Lielupe” players: Rolands Bočs and Dāvis Mārcis Valmiers have been invited to the LFF Football Academy U-14 and U-13 Traditional Europe Tour.
09.11. – “FK Lielupe” player Rolands Bočs scores the goal for the Berlin “Hertha” U-13 team of the LFF Football Academy U-13, and helps to end the game with 1: 1.
11.12. – “FK Lielupe” organizes the first “FK Lielupe” Christmas Challenge. In this event, 10 players were split into two teams and competed in 5 different disciplines: two relays, an 11-meter penalty kick, a crossover challenge, and a 5 × 5 match between the two teams at the end.
24.12. – “FK Lielupe” homepage is launched –

14.01. – “FK Lielupe” New Year’s Eve Event is taking place, where was awarded last year’s best players:
– Andžs Arveds Bērziņš was named the best U-21 player of 2016;
– Romāns Kaplāns was recognized as the most progressive player of 2016;
– Kārlis Villerušs – Top kicker of 2016 with 22 goals and 12 assists;
– The award “Club Man” of 2016, or how this award is called in team “TicuKomandā”, went to Edgars Cimdiņš;
– The best player of the 2nd League 2016 – Mārtiņš Auziņš;
– Renāts Rahimovs was named the most valuable player of 2016;
– The best “save” of 2016 – Aleksandrs Babuškins , in the 2nd League match against “FK Salaspils” team on July 31;
– Best goal of 2016 – Vladimirs Stirmanovs, for a goal on July 31 in the 2nd League match against “FK Salaspils” team.
13.04. – “FK Lielupe” defeats “Vienu Jau Var” team with 2:1 and wins silver medals of the LU Football League 2016/2017 season.
10.05. – Work is started on the film in honor of “FK Lielupe” 5 year anniversary.
13.05. – We present “FK Lielupe” new home form.
21.05. – “FK Lielupe” win its biggest win in the official games – 4:0 against “FK Balvi”. Andrejs Aņņenkovs, Daņila Savicks, Pāvels Baikovs and Ruslans Aleksejevs scored the goals.
10.07. – One of the most interesting derby in Vidzeme region – “FK Aliance”“FK Lielupe” delights the spectators with 10 goals, emotions, disputes and great football. The game ended with 5:5 with our team pulling out a score in the 4 ‘minute of the game. Two goals were scored by Pāvels Baikovs and Ruslans Aleksejevs, and one more scored by Kārlis Villerušs.
30.07. – One of our Youth System debuts for the first time in our main Team – two Youth Team players at once get in main line-up: Staņislavs Kuļšs and Roberts Vidrins.
18.08. – Head coach of our team, Kārlis Villerušs, completes the C-LFF coaching courses with excellent marks. These courses are also completed by Youth Team Coach Marita Katāja-Paegle and our goalkeeper coach Maksims Harkins.
01.09. – “FK Lielupe” celebrates its first 5th anniversary. For the first time in an interview with club founder Kārlis Villerušs, the formation of the Women’s Team is publicly announced.
24.09. – “FK Lielupe” takes over NABA radio program “OLE” before the upcoming Football Day event. Kārlis Villerušs and evgenijs Jenats talk about the team’s backstage, the project “TautasFutbols.LV”, and current events in Latvian football. Later, at the “FK Lielupe” Football Day event, the girls gather for the first time and have their first training session. There is also a traditional match between current and former “FK Lielupe” players, this time wins existing footballers with 5:4.
07.11. – “FK Lielupe” player Rolands Bočs has been invited to the LFF Football Academy U-14 Traditional European Tour.
16.11. –  “FK Lielupe” player Rolands Bočs scores the goal for the Prague “Sparta” U-14 team of the LFF Football Academy U-14 team nd helps to win the game with 4-0.
20.11. – “FK Lielupe” wins the biggest win in the official football games so far. In LU League Championship scores 10: 2 and beats “Ej Tu Nost!” team. Gustavs Ozoliņš scored 4 goals and by three goals scored Kristaps Mackovs and Kārlis Villerušs.
17.12. – “FK Lielupe” Women’s team leads its first tournament. The first goal of the girls team is scored by Liene Roopa.

06.01. – “FK Lielupe” Women’s team starts in the girls’ indoor football championship. In Talsi are beaten “FK Laidze/Talsu NSS” and “FK Liepāja” teams.
01.02. – “FK Lielupe” sets its record by the biggest ever winning in football official game. In the LU League Championship, “FK Kīm. Fak.” was beaten with 11:3. Kārlis Villerušs scored 4 goals, three were scored by Kristaps Mackovs, two by Dāvis Freimanis and Gustavs Ozoliņš.
03.02. – “FK Lielupe” Women’s team finishes the Girls’ Football Championship Group Tournament in the first place and qualifies for the finals.
04.02. – “FK Lielupe” New Year’s Eve Event is taking place, where was awarded last year’s best players:
– Andžs Ruslans Aleksejevs was named the best U-21 player of 2017;
– Artūrs Rudzītis was recognized as the most progressive player of 2017;
– Kārlis Villerušs – top scorer in indoor football player of 2017 with 13 goals and 17 effective assists;
– Pāvels Baikovs – Top scorer of 2017 with 18 goals and 3 effective assists;
– The award “Club Man” of 2017, or how this award is called in team “TicuKomandā”, went to Oskars Pavlovskis;
– The best player of the 2nd League 2017 – Pāvels Baikovs;
– Igors Ļahovs was named the most valuable player of 2017;
– Best goalkeeper of 2017 – Antons Vasiļjevs;
– Best defender of 2017 – Artis Kalniņš;
– Best midfielder of 2017 – Igors Ļahovs;
– Best attacker of 2017 – Pāvels Baikovs;
– The best “save” of 2017 – Antons Vasiļjevs, in the 2nd League match against “FK Salacgrīva” team on May 14;
– Best goal of 2017 – Ruslans Aleksejevs , for a goal on July 9 in the 2nd League match against  “FK Aliance” team.
07.02. – Deniss Kiriļuks is a team captain of “FK Lielupe” and vice captains are Kārlis Villerušs, Pāvels Baikovs and Mārtiņš Auziņš.
25.02. – “FK Lielupe” Women’s team closes the girls indoor football championship by remaining in 7th place.
18.03. – A new President and Members of the Board are elected. Kārlis Villerušs becomes president of “FK Lielupe”, Jevgenijs Jenats is elected vice president of the team, and Marija Voronova, Romāns Kaplans, Mareks Žolnerovičs and Oskars Pavlovsks become Members Of the Board.
26.04. – Historical film in honor of “FK Lielupe” 5th anniversary is published.
29.04. – Before the first season of the 2nd season of 2018, Helena Villeruša is awarded with the “FK Lielupe” Honorary President’s Award.
27.05. – “FK Lielupe” wins its biggest win in official matches, outscoring “FK Valka” players with 6:0. Ruslans Aleksejevs and Agris Glaudāns scored two goals for “FK Lielupe” and Kārlis Villerušs and Vladislavs Paņins scored one goal.
04.08. – “FK Lielupe” sets the record for their biggest victory in official games, winning “SK Cēsis” team with 8:0. In this game, Agris Glaudāns was the first in team history to score four goals in one game. Kristaps Cielavs, Andrejs Ivanovs and Daņila Savick also scored, and the opponent scored one goal in their gates.
09.08. – Two “FK Lielupe” players are called to the Latvian U-17 national team – Agris Glaudāns and Dāvis Mārcis Valmiers.
08.09. – The first broadcast of “FK Lielupe” VLOG comes out.
23.09. – “FK Lielupe” is taking part in the European Sports Week Festival with its Football Day. This time there is an open training session followed by a traditional game between existing and former “FK Lielupe” players with various competitions in the introduction. Also in this year’s the winners of the traditional game were “FK Lielupe” – 9:7.
11.10. – “FK Lielupe” redesigned the team management system. Romāns Kaplāns was promoted to club director. Anna Lauskiniece joined to the Members of the Board, she will serve as club administrator, joined Dairis Šinkevičs – press secretary, Renāts Rahimovs as IT and TMS specialist, Mārtiņš Auziņš as equipment specialist and Aleksandra Belaja as a video operator.
15.10. – “FK Lielupe” starts its seventh season in the LU Football League Championship. The league is undergoing a change, from this season the format of the championship will be 6×6, or so-called socca football.
28.11. – “FK Lielupe / AFA Olaine” wins gold medals in U-16 Development Group. Dāvis Marcis Valmiers is recognized as the best midfielder of the season, while Agris Glaudāns is recognized as the best striker. Rolands Bočs is listed in the LFF Football Academy’s U-15 Top 11 Players. And in the U-14 Masters Group, Georgijs Sačkovs became the best striker.

05.02. – Two “FK Lielupe” prospective coaches – Marija Voronova and Kārlis Puriņš start their training at C-LFF coaching courses.
21.02. – The first Star game of the University of Latvia Football League with several players of “FK Lielupe”: Kārlis Villerušs, Kristaps Mackovs, Marta Kāne, Mārtiņš Linde, Renāts Rahimovs, Mareks Žolnerovičs, Kārlis Puriņš and Dāniels Petrovs. As well as two former “FK Lielupe” players attended the evening: Artjoms Daškevičs and Jānis Magazeinis.

Throughout club history, “FK Lielupe” has played players from 20 countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, India, Sri Lanka, China , Egypt, Ghana and Brazil.