Tournament regulation

1. General info

1.1. Tournament organizer – FK Lielupe (hereinafter – Organizer).
1.2. Tournament is held with the use of FIFA20 football simulator owned by the participants.
1.3. Tournament is held with the use of a Playstation4 platform owned by the participants. To participate in tournament participants have to own active PS Plus membership.
1.4. Tournament participation is free.
1.5. Entry to the Tournament is allowed to the Participants who have consulted and have accepted the terms of this regulations.
1.6. The participant provided the Organizer information and personal data is responsible for its reliability.
1.7. Participant’s registration data can be used for purposes not contrary to Republic of Latvia legislation.
1.8. All information about game schedules, game results and standings will be available on official FK Lielupe Facebook page, as well as on FK Lielupe homepage
1.9. Organizer can change the regulations anytime without preliminary informing the Participants.
1.10. Organizer can cancel match(es) results, disqualify a Participant in case of finding objective information about fraud, cheating, incorrect data supplying that may affect the Tournament results.
1.11. Participants can argue matches results by sending an open response e-mail to, describing the situation and providing necessary proofs (photo, video, logs etc).

2. Tournament schedule for all the participating countries:

2.1. Registration: 29th March 2020 – 1st April 2020.
2.2. Group stage: 3rd April 2020 17:00 (online).
2.3. Play-off stage until semi-finals: 4th April 2020 16:00 (online).
2.4. Semi-finals and Final: 5th April 2020 16:00 (online).
2.5. Tournament date and time could be changed due to technical issues, actual information will be published on official FK Lielupe Facebook page, as well as on FK Lielupe homepage.

3. Participating conditions and registration.

3.1. Minimal participant’s age allowed – 12 years at the moment of the tournament’s beginning.
3.2. Participating is allowed to all interested, who are located in Latvia during this tournament.
3.3. In order to participate it is necessary to register here:
3.4. To finish the registration the following fields should be filled in:

  • Name, surname, age;
  • Link to personal Facebook page;
  • Phone number – to contact with Organizer (visible only to Organizer);
  • PSN ID (for PS4 account).

3.5. All the requirements at para 3.4 are compulsory for any Participant. In case of omitting any information Organizer may disqualify the Participant.
3.6. Timetable and games order go according to rounds defined after the registration completes and playoff starts.
3.7. Participants have to:

  • follow the regulations;
  • follow the instructions;
  • provide an ID scan copy or a photo copy on short notice;
  • provide correct data about himself and a game profile;
  • play using only his own game account, do not give access to his  account to anyone during the tournament, with one exception mentioned in para 3.8. of this Regulation. Disobeying this para may cause the most severe disciplinary sanctions even disqualification from the tournament.
  • give interviews and comments on games in case the Organizer’s request.

3.8. From one game account can participate up to two participants. In case, if from one game account participate two participants, Organizer can ask to provide an ID scan copy or a photo copy of both participants, as well as ask to prove participation of both participants through video call.

4. Tournament settings

4.1. Group stage – 2 matches against every groupmate (draw result is possible).
4.2. Play-off stage (until semi-finals) – 1 match home and 1 away (away goal rule is used)(in case of total draw after 2 matches a new match is played until the first goal (“golden goal”).
4.3. Semi-finals – best of 3 (in case of draw in any match additional time is played followed by penalty shots if needed).
4.4. Final – best of 5 (in case of draw in any match additional time is played followed by penalty shots if needed).
4.5. For each round Organizer set the check-in time. For each game we will create WhatsApp mini-group. In case of opponents’ disagreement by check-in time, a participant who caused disagreement forfeits 0-3 or if both participants cause, 0-0 is set on the base of correspondence. All the points of contentions should be written at a certain match page chat.
4.6. Check-in time is set after the registration ends.
4.7. All matches should be played in a network friendly match mode (not Ultimate Team).
4.8. For every match a Participant may choose any team: club or national team (excl. All-star teams). Team chosen may coincide with opponent’s team.
4.9. During any stage a Participant may change team only between the matches if there are several. In case of disconnection Participants have to end terminated match using the same teams.
4.10. Online friendly match settings:

  • Half length: 6 mins
  • Game level: Legendary
  • Game speed: normal
  • Hand game: off
  • Max substitution number during the game – 3
  • Weather – normal
  • Squad type: online
  • Formations: any (can be changed)
  • Tactics – any
  • Player goals – can change
  • Defending – tactical
  • Stadium – any

4.12. Play-off stage draw will take place on 4th April at 13:00.

5. Games conditions

5.1. The following is prohibited in FIFA simulator:

  • Any schemes that lead to an unfair win or a win in a non-competitive way.
  • Insulting opponents, other participants and Tournament’s officials.
  • Behave unsporting. Unsportsmanlike conduct is defined by the Organizer and includes inappropriate behavior, active matches sabotaging etc.
  • Playing for or from another ID (excl. regulations metioned in para 3.8.).
  • Deliberately terminate connection to game servers.

5.2. In case of ignoring opponent’s messages in any round of the tournament Participant forfeits 0-3 in this match.

5.3. Game sanctions:

  • Participant who left the game or denied to continue (due to any reason) forfeits 0-3 lose.
  • Participant who is not online by the check-in time forfeits 0-3. Maximum delay time allowed is 5 mins. In case of both participants absence 0-0 total is determined.

5.4. Appeal pending and examining:

  • All the questions and comments on violation of the rules should be pending not later than 10 minutes before the check-in time.
  • All the Organizer’s decisions on disputed elements are made only according to data from participants, matches video recordings.
  • Organizer decisions are final and non-negotiable.

5.5. Penalties:

5.5.1. If disobeying any rules is discovered, Organizer may decide to apply the following sanctions:

  • verbal warning;
  • forfeit in a match;
  • disqualification.

5.5.2. Repeated disobeying may cause life-time disqualification from all the tournaments held by Organizer. Exceptionally Organizer may disqualify a Participant without any prior warning in case of disobeying basic game rules and rules of conduct.

6. Rewarding of winners.

6.1. Winner of the tournament is awarded by his choice with:

  • Komanda.LV shop gift sertificate for 20 EUR;
  • Gift code for PS Plus subscription for 3 months.

6.2. Organizer have to reward the winner during 30 days from the tournament final.